Safer Recruitment through Value Based Questioning

Safe  & Successful Recruitment through Value Based Questioning

This is an intensive study day for Managers who recruit staff in to the Health & Social Care Sector, covering three key areas.

Safer Recruitment: ensure that your systems and processes are set up to the highest safer recruitment standards.

Successful Recruitment: enabling you to recruit the right people for your role and organisation; from reviewing your role design, on-boarding and recruiting to getting the interview and pre-employment checks right.

Value Based Questioning: creates an alignment between organisational and individual values; eliminates subjectivity and 'gut feel' from the selection process; provides additional information about candidates’ attitudes and motivations for working with children and vulnerable adults not obtainable from many standard selection techniques.

We know that you want to get recruitment right: First time, All the time. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us now if you would like a bespoke study day run for your organisation embedding your corporate values. 


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