Personal & Team Development

Everyone needs to keep a sharp focus on their skills. Continuous personal & professional development is fundamental to staying ahead of the game.

Personal Development

If you're an experienced nurse or manager at any level; you can be sure that I have spent many hours sat with someone in a similar situation or dilemma. Nearly everyone I have ever met, every so often, has one of those, "What am I doing?", "What should I be doing?" or  a "Will I be found out?" moments, I can work with you to offer a personalised mentorship and development package to help you ensure you develop your maximum potential. Investing in your personal development is proven to pay back dividends throughout your career.

Team Development

We will work with you to assess your team's skills and help you to recognise areas that can be developed to give you confidence that your people and your care are of the very highest standard.  A thorough and comprehensive assessment delivering a detailed analysis of essential and professional learning needs coupled with a thorough report on how you can cost effectively meet those needs without compromising on quality will be provided. Leaving you free to focus on taking your business forward.

If your team has been through a difficult time or is getting a little frayed through the rigours of delivering 24/7 care then maybe it's time for a team building event. After our initial conversation we will develop a day that will deliver a happier more cohesive team. Whether it needs to be a highly structured day to focus on one or two aspects of team malaise or a more leisurely and fun day to remind everyone why they work for you; we will deliver a day that meets your team's needs.

Subject Specific Sessions & Mandatory Packages

We will happily run subject specific sessions or days on essential Health & Social Care subjects such as Dignity and Compassion in Care, Record Keeping, Principles of Medication Administration, Person Centred Care Planning or Accountability. If you are a Care or Nursing Home Owner, I can prepare, manage and deliver a full mandatory training package on a retained basis and produce reports detailing your compliance with essential standards.

Care HR will bring your team development events and speeches to life through case studies and interactive audience work to make sure your objective is met: delegates learn and are inspired in an effective and meaningful way.

To discuss either your team's or your personal development please Contact Us.

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