Job Evaluation & Reward

Julian is a first generation Department of Health Job Evaluator and has the DoH Level 4 Qualification as an NHS Job Evaluation Scheme Train the Trainer. He co-managed the Thames Valley Strategic Health Authority Job Evaluation scheme in its early stages and then moved on to successfully deliver a Job Evaluation project within a large NHS Trust.

What is Job Evaluation?

Job Evaluation is essentially a tool to objectively and systematically measure the value of a job in relation to other jobs in an organisation. In the NHS job evaluation scheme there are 16 factors that are measured including; knowledge training & experience,  responsibility for patient/client care, planning skills and emotional effort. Each factor is then divided in to several levels against which the individual job is scored. These scores are then added up to establish the final score, it is this score which then equates to a job banding which in turn informs the salary level.

What is reward?

Reward is the whole package you offer; the salary along with other parts of your benefit package, for example, pension, annual leave, childcare voucher schemes or staff discount schemes.

It is essential to consider Job Evaluation as you establish a new post, likewise when redesigning existing jobs, the Job Evaluation should be reviewed.  A Job Evaluation seeks to minimise the risk an employer may face in Equal Pay claims in Employment Tribunals. Of course, evaluating a job is only a small part of your pay and reward package and Julian is fully prepared to work with you and your budget to establish an attractive Employee Reward structure.

We'd be pleased to deliver Job Evaluation training for your staff or to undertake evaluation for a single role or a cluster of jobs.

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