Incident Investigation

Dealing with patients and their families following an incident can be a stressful and emotive time. It's crucial that all parties are supported throughout the incident investigation.

As well as ensuring the patient, family and staff are fully informed about what is happening, staff will need to have ready access to support and understanding. I am an expert in containing difficult situations and potentially overwhelming feelings while establishing the facts of a situation.  Having this level of structured support reduces the stress your staff will feel and enable them to remain focussed at work.

Often there isn't always immediate access in a company of any size to the resources you need to undertake a comprehensive review of an incident. But it is crucial to undertake the fact finding as soon as possible to assure yourself that the risks of an incident recurring are understood and mitigated.

We will work with you to handle patient complaints or incidents swiftly and provide you an objective report with pragmatic recommendations.  Care HR will give you practical tools to support both your HR and clinical policies.

Contact us today to discuss your incident investigation requirements.

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