Discipline & Grievance Handling

Grievance Handling

Grievances are becoming more common as employment and equality legislation take hold.  Genuine grievances need careful, competent and empathetic management, it's really important to make good the damage that has been done to the employee.  It's all too often not about money or compensation; but about the employee feeling that they have been heard, that you acknowledge mistakes have been made and that they are assured that neither they nor their colleagues will face similar problems in the future.


Nobody wants to have to discipline an employee but on occasion it can be the only way to ensure that poor performance is addressed in a way that you need for your business to run smoothly and enhance patient safety.  A disciplinary managed well can also be an opportunity for your employee to reflect on and improve their performance, attitude and behaviour. 

Care HR

Whether your employee has effective Trade Union advice and they are making you feel unsure of your position, or even no advice, when the employee may be refusing to engage or behaving erratically; We can stand by your side to contain the situation and ensure that due process is followed.

Julian Hill

With personal experience of over 25 years of  discipline and grievance handling and more recently working with the Royal College of Nursing I really do know where the line is drawn.  Being both a nurse and a HR professional, I will be able to spot where there are contributing factors, for example where an update to a clinical policy or protocol could prevent a similar event occurring again. Having managed complex cases and exit strategies at all levels within organisations;  I can effectively handle your situation ensuring that a fair outcome is delivered for all parties and minimise the risk of an employee lodging a successful employment tribunal.

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