Conflict Management & Mediation

Conflict is inevitable. Effective conflict management is essential.

It is therefore vital that you have the tools to deal with this when it happens. Conflict is often based in emotions, sometimes rational but often not. Understanding and containing these emotions is fundamental to effective conflict management. People's expectations of what you can deliver need to be carefully managed from the start to avoid additional misunderstanding and disappointment. Learning to spot the early signs and having good systems in place to reduce conflict is always more cost effective.

Having worked with the Royal College of Nursing for a number of years you can be assured of the very highest level of employment law knowledge and expertise.  Care HR are well used to handling situations where there are contentious factors such as counter claims on the grounds of race, disability or other issues.

Where relationships are beginning to feel the strain but there are no immediate discipline or grievance issues, mediation can be effectively used to prevent things deteriorating and get the relationship back on track.  Sometimes all it takes to be successful in conflict management is an impartial third party to bring an objective view and support both sides in coming to a mutually agreed resolution.

You can also be assured that there is no situation that we haven't already had to deal with!  So don't let things fester and spiral out of control, Contact Us.

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