Corporate Social Responsibility

Care HR takes pride in its responsibilities toward both our communities and planet.

We provide ourselves on delivering cost effective and ethical advice. We take our green credentials seriously and to this end, we do our best to avoid car travel; relying on public transport and new technologies as much as possible. We also don't print any materials unnecessarily and ensure as much as possible of our waste is recycled. Finally, you can be sure that the tea in our cups is only ever fair-trade.

We also provides the local community with 10 free days work a year. This can be either nursing or HR advice and is available to small charities working within the Health and Social Care community across the Thames Valley. The only condition to receiving this support is that they do not have access to an in-house Human Resources team on the grounds of affordability. If you know or are a charity that would like to request some of this time then please click here.

Care HR proudly sponsors UKPIPS in their mission to provide information, advice and support to people living with a Primary Antibody Deficiency (PAD) or any other Primary Immune Deficiency (PID). You can find more information on some of the amazing work UKPIPS do by clicking their logo below. 


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