I was picking something up at the printers the other day (I'll leave it to your imagination what the something was, answers on a postcard or maybe, the comments section below)

It got me round to thinking about feedback.

I thrive on feedback or at least I like to think I do, boy, can I hoover up that praise! Social media, twitter especially means that individuals and companies can get it immediately and in amounts never seen before. Just think of Amazon and Starbucks with their tax arrangements or poor old Justin Bieber last week when he turned up a bit late for work. And no, I'm not a fan.

But feedback has to be given in a meaningful and insightful way you say, yeah, I've read those articles too. I do wonder what you can learn from really, really honest feedback. Maybe what your colleague said last week (Her view - that you like to dominate office meetings) in the heat of the moment was actually much better feedback for you than the highly considered politicly astute feedback she felt obliged to put in the box on your 360?

So step back a moment, what have people told you recently? What could you learn from it and how could it help you grow? 

There's a strong opinion now that any NHS Chief Exec who isn't on Twitter, probably isn't fit for the job. The old 'if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen' adage.

My twopennyworth to sign off with: embrace all the feedback you get, learn to live with it and make use of it, however it comes to you.

By the way, I've just had a new portrait done for the site, what d'ya think?

One of my favourite things in the world is to help people learn and spread their wings, if you want some support with your personal or team development, get in touch with me here

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