As a HR professional I think the last thing we need is another large set of workers who need to be centrally regulated with all the systems, processes, checking and double checking that takes.

As a Nurse I say, "And what do HR know about it anyway?" and, "well, aren't HR there to support the business and if the business happens to operate in a highly regulated industry (say, healthcare), then that means getting on and solving the problem."

So what am I saying? I'm saying I can see both sides of the argument. It's just that at the core of me is a Nurse that believes that Patients should be at the heart of all we do. If we were, as a society, to truly accept that: then the registration of Health Care Support Workers (HCSWs) is a no brainer. I've met both Nurses and HCAs that have been sacked because of what they have done, a Nurse on the register then faces an inevitable (but independent from the (ex) employer) investigation from the Nursing & Midwifery Council and if struck off they can no longer legally work. It is entirely possible for HCSWs to just move on to another Care Home, I've seen it happen many times.

So the Code of Conduct and the National Minimum Training Standards for HCSWs published by Skills for Care (click here to view) will certainly help but I'm very keen to see how Employers, the Care Quality Commission and others ensure that all HCSWs across all sectors work to the code and that employers meet the training standards.

I'm just working on the services and packages I can offer employers in setting up policies, processes and training to ensure that they will be and remain compliant with the Code and Training Standards. 

I'll put a link here as soon as they're ready.

Thanks for reading my blog, much appreciated, Julian



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