About Us

A fusion of clinical expertise and HR management - a powerful combination not found anywhere else.

Care HR is a new business based in Oxford that is happy to work across the South East, London, Midlands and the Channel Islands. The mission is simple; to deliver the best quality professional HR and care advice service within the health and social care sector.

We will work with you on dealing with patient complaints or with employee disciplinary matters. If you need a third party to come in and do a comprehensive review, Care HR can provide a detailed analysis and report that will give you practical tools to support your HR and clinical policies.

Whatever your immediate HR needs are or whatever project you are considering running with, get in touch with us. With a unique background in both nursing and HR management, the advice you receive will be best in class and absolutely tailored to your care business.

Investigations, disciplinary matters: scary words that without proper management can cause long terms problems for all concerned. Reputation management is key and keeping all parties fulfilled and stable can ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

Services offered include:

Should you require any of these services please feel free to contact us.

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